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If you’re needing to make an essential journey or planning your next caravan holiday, then we at Simon Bailes want to ensure you stay protected on the road. That’s why we’re offering drivers of cars, vans, caravans and motor homes the opportunity to have their vehicles disinfected and we have invested in an Anti-Bacterial Sanitisation machine that kills airborne and surface bacteria/viruses by introducing ozone. There are no additional chemicals used and the process takes 30-40 minutes. At the end of the cycle, any excess ozone is converted back to oxygen, therefore re-oxygenating the space. Due to the re-oxygenation cycle, the unit also helps to remove/significantly reduce odours in the vehicle. I.E. Smoke, pets, spilled milk. 

This complete treatment will be carried out by our highly trained technicians and the procedure will be carried out as follows: 

  • During the first phase, thanks to an electrostatic discharge, the machine will transform the oxygen (O2) in the air in the passenger compartment, into ozone (O3) and spreads it in a precise, controlled and uniform way (not through a timer). This phase is more efficient and safe thanks to a filter located at intake and intended to avoid the passage of particles towards the ozone generator.
  • The second phase is the actual disinfection phase during which the machine microprocessor, based on the data provided by its sensors, maintains the ideal amount of ozone and determines how long it needs to stay in the passenger compartment in order to eliminate mildew, fungi, viruses and bacteria, as required by medical-surgical standards. This automated process also eliminates any risk of human error. 
  • Finally, the third phase in the sanitation process is a reverse cycle that transforms the residual ozone (O3) into oxygen (O2) through a catalyst. In other concentrations, the ozone (O3) is in fact a harmful gas and it is essential to guarantee a minimum residual concentration before returning to the vehicle.

Prices for the sanitation process start at £99 for a car including a PEUGEOT Summer Check and £129 for a Van, Caravan & Motor home*.

For more information please don't hesitate to get in touch by filling out the form below.

*Summer Check only available on cars. Prices may vary subject to size of vehicle.

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