PEUGEOT draws on its technological legacy to offer its customers the same intense, instinctive driving experience regardless of the engine type. The PEUGEOT PLUG-IN HYBRID engines provide a renewed driving experience. This experience procures a range of new sensations, with unequalled vigour largely resulting from the driving modes.

Each driving mode is exclusive and provides different experiences:

  • Quiet, with the 100% electric ZERO EMISSIONS mode!
  • Exalting performance with the SPORT mode which draws on all energy types
  • Versatility with the HYBRID mode
  • Improved traction with the 4WD mode (Peugeot 3008 SUV HYBRID4)
  • COMFORT mode which combines the HYBRID mode with the comfort of electronically controlled suspension (new Peugeot 508 HYBRID)

All these modes offer 100% electric driving depending on the battery level.

While HYBRID and HYBRID4 engines are technologically complex, the associated driving experience promise is clear. Ergonomics and driving are made easy and intuitive

Peugeot Plug-In Hybrid


The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® procures a stimulating and intuitive driving experience daily. Both the touchscreen and digital displays have been adjusted to complement the driving experience brought by the Peugeot PLUG-IN HYBRID engines.

Peugeot Plug-In Hybrid
Peugeot Plug-In Hybrid


The hybrid-specific PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® displays all of the driving information available within the driver’s peripheral vision (driving mode, electric gauge, available electric mileage, etc.) It remains entirely configurable and customisable.

A "powermetre" located on the right side of the digital instrument head-up display panel replaces the rev counter. It is made up of three easily distinguishable areas:

  • The ECO area corresponds to a driving style prioritising energy efficiency,
  • The POWER area corresponds to a more dynamic driving style offering dynamic performances,
  • The CHARGE area shows the driver the power charging phases enabling the battery to charge, mainly during tip-out.

Two gauges are on either side of the dashboard: one for fuel, the other for power. The mileage monitor in miles is also displayed underneath each gauge.

The active driving mode is displayed continuously on the lower part of the dashboard so that it may be adapted as necessary, quickly and without hesitation.

When the vehicle is charging, the dashboard indicates the available mileage recovered (in miles), the battery level (in percentage form), the battery recharge speed (in electric miles) and the remaining time until the battery is fully charged (in hours and/or minutes).

Peugeot Plug-In Hybrid

The touchscreen also includes a specific hybrid menu. A direct access button was added to the piano keys, or toggle switches. It gives access to new information:

  • The energy flow page which illustrates the operating state of the hybrid system
  • The consumption statistics page which separates power consumption from fuel consumption
  • The navigation page, enhanced with specific information
  • Charging stations listed in POIs in addition to filling stations
  • The range of action of the 100% electric mode
  • The total range of action of electric + combustion engines

Finally, the temperature control page features an electrical passenger compartment pre-conditioning system which cools or heats the passenger compartment according to the outside temperature.



For maximum agility, the content of the MyPeugeot mobile app enables you to remotely activate the car recharge, view the vehicle’s battery level, anticipate pre-conditioning or evaluate fuel or power consumption data anytime, anywhere.



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